7th Age

Ethan found a plugin that was using a break statement in place of a return. Breaks outside switches and loops has been deprecated as of PHP 7. Naturally, Nick wrote a piece of flash fiction about it.

Abandoned by its parents, death was imminent for the baby break. That was, until it was discovered by a family of returns. The returns felt pity for the defenseless break and took it back to their colony to raise it as their own. While the break lacked the ability to gather resources for the colony, its new family tried its best to make the break feel loved. Years have gone by and now is the time when the colony’s adolescents must prove they have what it takes. Prove that they are useful. If the break can overcome this challenge it will finally fit in. Unfortunately the 7th Age is harsh on the little statement. It will never be able to pass the test. It will never belong.