YouTube UX Audit

Recently I decided to take the plunge into the world of content creation and created a YouTube channel for my business. I assumed the process would be straightforward and simple. However, as I soon discovered, the steps to creating a channel were far from being easy to understand. Every action, every button clicked, led to more frustration and unease. Only a full UX audit of the process would help me work through my frustration.

Disadvantageous Evolution of Advertising

Everyone and their dog complains about advertising, but to what end? In the problems-oriented first part of a two-part series, Ethan calls out some specific shortcomings and concerns–is big data ethical? Is invasive advertising targeted enough to be effective? Will Mojo Jojo take over Townsville?

7th Age

Ethan found a plugin that was using a break statement in place of a return. Breaks outside switches and loops has been deprecated as of PHP 7. Naturally, Nick wrote a piece of flash fiction about it.

Your Client Doesn't Understand Your Scope

When writing scopes for clients, avoiding mismatched expectations and strained relationships is not always easy. This article shares some lessons that were learned the hard way in order to make scoping projects and communicating with clients about those scopes just a little less painful.

Welcome to Finding the Forest

Join a group of dedicated lifelong learners, passionate, curious, never satisfied makers as they explain the goals of the blog. Interspersed are examples of articles that inspired us.

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Finding the Forest is a blog focused on the web industry. Its founders are lifelong learners, passionate, curious, never satisfied makers. We hope to learn from others as much as we teach them. We hope to open up this blog to other voices and viewpoints.

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